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Welcome To The Fabulous Jackpot Doge

Our Mission

We want you to win huge jackpots of your favorite cryptos, starting with Dogecoin. We also want to solve one of the biggest problems in DeFi…buying pressure! The way this is done is by implementing a mechanism with certain buy requirements.

Jackpots will be awarded in Dogecoin right now, but additional cryptocurrencies may be added later and with community input. Download Whitepaper.

Jackpot Doge Slot Machine Winning Crypto Coins

How Jackpot Doge Works

A majority of the Tokenomics (11% fee for buy and sell) will be used to build the jackpot. 9% of every buy and 9% of every sell will be sent to the jackpot.

To keep building the jackpot, a purchase of at least 0.1 BNB needs to made at least once every hour. If more than 1 hour goes by without a purchase of at least 0.1 BNB, then the last wallet to make a purchase of at least 0.1 BNB will win 50% of the jackpot.

Contract Address


Click here to read the results of our audit.

Jackpot Doge – Dogecoin Jackpot

When Does It Hit?

When the jackpot reaches $2,000 USD, it will automatically trigger a payout. Two wallets that hold at least 0.1 BNB worth of Jackpot Doge will be randomly chosen to share 50% of the jackpot (the other 50%* goes to the Treasury).

The jackpot will also pay out to the last person that buys at least 0.1 BNB of Jackpot Doge if no additional buys are made within the past hour.

*Once we burn the supply down to 21,000,000 tokens, the winner’s share will increase to 60% of the jackpot and the Treasury’s share will decrease to 40%.

How Much Can I Win?

When a $2,000 USD jackpot is won, 50% goes to the winner(s) in the form of Dogecoin, and 50% goes to the Treasury.

There will be two winners (see below) if we max out at $2,000 USD, and one winner if we don’t max out (last person to purchase at least 0.1 BNB of Jackpot Doge within the past hour).

  1. Get 75% Of The Jackpot. All wallets that purchased at least 0.1 BNB while the jackpot was building will have a chance to win 75% of the $1,000. The more you buy, the more chances you have because every 0.1 BNB buy counts as an entry. For example, ten (10) 0.1 BNB buys will get you ten entries. Similarly, one (1) 1 BNB buy will also get you ten entries. One wallet will be randomly drawn and they will win $750 worth of Dogecoin.
  2. Get 25% Of The Jackpot. All wallets that hold at least 0.1 BNB worth of Jackpot Doge will have a chance to win $250 worth of Dogecoin even if they didn’t make a purchase when the jackpot was building. Hold to win!

What Can I Win?

All jackpots will currently be paid out in Dogecoin. The token / coin, and the amount that the jackpot pays out, can be changed by a community vote. Jackpots also have the ability to be altered depending on the levels of volume.

Add Dogecoin (BEP-20) to your wallet:


Jackpot Doge

Burn Jackpot

We have a secondary jackpot outside of the contract – Burn Jackpot. To participate in the Burn Jackpot, you will send at least 10,000 Jackpot Doge to a specific wallet using our dApp. For every 10,000 Jackpot Doge tokens you send*, you will receive 1 entry.

Once the Burn Jackpot wallet has 200,000 Jackpot Doge in it, a random wallet that contributed at least 10,000 Jackpot Doge will be eligible to win.

The Burn Jackpot will be split in two ways: 100,000 Jackpot Doge will go to one lucky winner and 100,000 Jackpot Doge will be sent to the burn wallet.

You could 10X your Jackpot Doge contribution!

*IMPORTANT: You will not get these tokens back (unlike the Staking Jackpot – see below).

Staking Jackpot

We have another jackpot option for you…Staking! When the staking pool starts it will be open for a predetermined amount of time. Once the time has elapsed, your tokens will be staked for a set number of days. This will typically be 7-10 days.

For every 20,000 Jackpot Doge tokens that you stake via our dApp, you will receive 1 entry into the drawing. You can stake as many tokens as you like.*

At the end of the staking period, there will be 4 winners splitting a predetermined amount of Jackpot Doge tokens. 

You could easily 5-10x the amount of your staked tokens based on the size of the jackpot.

When the staking period ends, ALL of your staked tokens will be returned to you. That’s right. You can participate in the Staking Jackpot without losing a single token.

*IMPORTANT: When staking, and if you want to remain eligible for the Dogecoin Jackpot, you must leave at least 0.1 BNB worth of Jackpot Doge tokens in your wallet / unstaked.

Jackpot Doge


There is a buy and sell fee of 11% for Jackpot Doge. Here is the breakdown:

  • 9% – Build the Dogecoin Jackpot
  • 2% – Treasury
Tokenomics Percentages graphic

Additional Utilities


The Jackpot Doge dApp was released at launch. The first function will be for the staking pool / jackpot. As the project progresses, we are planning on adding casino and lottery based games to increase Jackpot Doge’s utility.

Click here to use our dApp.

Doge Jackpot slot machine and coins graphic.


NFTs will be integrated into the ecosystem in near future. These NFTs will directly benefit the growth and health of Jackpot Doge. Details about the NFTs will be unveiled as we get closer to the delivery phase.

Jackpot Doge Will Have A Starting Supply Of

There will not be a burn function built into the contract. All of the burn will come from the Burn Jackpot and Buyback & Burn.

Jackpot Doge mascot holding a "The Supply" card and coin.

Token Supply Balance

The supply will not drop below 21,000,000 tokens.

When we reach 21,000,000 Jackpot Doge tokens, the winner of the Burn Jackpot will get 100% of the pot and the Treasury’s share of the Dogecoin Jackpot will be reduced to 40% from 50%.

Token Distributions Graphic

Token Distribution


Track the price and transactions below.

Jackpot Doge

Jackpot Doge Road Map

  • Contract Development

  • Website Development

  • Private Sale

  • Presale on PinkSale

  • Token Launch On PancakeSwap

  • Staking Implementation

  • Listed On CoinGecko

  • Listed On CoinMarketCap

  • Widespread Marketing

    YouTube, Banner Ads, Call Channels, Etc.

  • NFT Development & Launch

  • Additional Jackpots Added

  • dApp Based Lottery Games

Jackpot Doge